Don’t Underestimate Pinterest to Drive Optical Sales

By Practice Growth June 16, 2021

As an eye care practice owner in 2021, it is crucial to have an online presence. Facebook and Instagram have the largest reach in terms of social media, but have you considered Pinterest to boost your reach and sales? If no, why not?

Pinterest, the fifth most popular social media platform, can be an effective tool to reach new audiences because it is not necessarily linked to who you know. It can be, but it is more tailored towards content that the viewer wants to see; they search their preferences, and search results show images that relate to their keywords from a huge audience.

Pinterest has 460 million users each month! And if these numbers aren’t’ staggering enough,  here are a few more to convince you that Pinterest is a worthwhile place to show off your practice, store, and products.

Studies show that 50% of users have made a purchase after seeing a promoted pin. This means that not only are you getting your product into the market, but you are drawing attention to your brand and your store.

Pinterest audiences are mostly female from the 27-40 year age bracket. Don’t discount the male viewership though, the number of male users has doubled in the last year. We’d be remiss to exclude marketing towards the male segment of the market.

97% of searches on Pinterest are not brand-related. 

It's good to see you | Good to see you, Optometry, Eyewear displayThis means that if someone is looking at vintage eyewear or a color palette or their favorite celebrity, your listed practice pins or products may just pop up in their feed, a great way to broaden your audience.  Although we want to dominate our local eye care and optical market (Pinterest is good for that), with the right eCommerce integration we’re ready to reach local Pinterest users, but throughout North American and the world if you’re selling your own brand.

89% of shoppers go-to platform for ideas on what to buy. 

When consumers are considering an update in eyewear fashion or a new optical look, this is a main source of inspiration for Pinterest users.

Pinterest users are 3 times more likely to click and visit your website than on any other social media platform.

If you decide to start marketing on this platform, make sure your website is fresh and updated as you drive new traffic to your page!  Don’t forget to link Google Analytics or some other web traffic analytics tool, so you can monitor your social media marketing efforts. 

91% of Pinterest users feel that Pinterest is a place of positivity

Go down the Pinterest rabbit hole on optical shop interior design. You can easily get lost for 30 minutes.  Do a basic search on spring bouquets or recipes with fresh blueberries. The site is magnetic. Why? Because it’s positive. It offers an endless array of inspiration. It’s a social media breath of fresh air.  People use the platform largely for ideas and inspiration, not comparisons. You won’t hear too often, “I have to get off Pinterest for my mental health,” so this is a good place for your brand to reside. 

Pinterest as a marketing tool

Pinterest recommends vertical images as opposed to images with a horizontal aspect ratio. This is because vertical images will take up more space in the feed and be sure to get the viewer’s attention. Let’s say you are promoting a new brand or an upcoming in-store sale; you can customize your image to fill the optimal space which is a ratio of 2:3 (do not exceed 1:2.8 or your image will be cut off at the bottom). Be sure to include your logo on every post. Keep the placement of your logo in the same place, either the very top or very bottom to create a cohesive look. You can use these tips to show infographics, in-store sales, or photos of newly arrived products.

I've Been Framed | Optometry office, Eye doctor optometry, Optometrist  officeIf you are showing off your products or your store opt for high-quality photographs or images. There are plenty of programs that use stock images, but using your own photography is a great way to stand out. Pinterest users are looking for that type of thing. The most visually appealing images are the ones that get pinned, a unique angle or viewpoint can really help.

When using text on an image, make sure the text is bold and stands out. The top of the image is the best place for a title to grab the viewer’s attention. Make sure the colors and tones flow. If they correspond with your practice logo, it’s ideal for your practice and store brand identity!

Pinterest is a great platform to find inspiring ideas, pictures, and stories.  Before you scroll through other content on the app, make sure you save your own company pins. This will make them a preference for others who search the same keywords that allow them to find your practice brand or optical shop in the first place.

Infographics, in-store sales, or photos of new products are all excellent ways to promote your business but consider uploading videos to your business Pinterest, too. Videos across all social media platforms are getting more attention and Pinterest is no different. Some ideas for video uploads can include showing a small tour of your practice’s frame boards or optical shop so your potential new customers can get a vibe for your store. You could introduce your staff in a short video, a great way to engage with potential patients and customers.  This is a great way to show off your staff members’ qualifications and credentials, as well as show some personality. Virtual try-ons are becoming more and more important in the optical industry, especially during the Covid pandemic.  Showcasing a new eyewear brand or a particular style of optical frames can be very effective. Viewers have a chance to better understand the finer details of a frame, the way the bridge fits on different faces, or see the color against different skin tones. This can show your viewers that you have options and you have the chance to showcase your favorite products.

Consider a video tutorial as another way to utilize the video function of Pinterest. Simple adjustments, a lens cleaning tutorial, or how to safely wash and disinfect your contact lens case are all excellent examples of videos that will show your audience you really know your stuff!


Pinterest is a great place to plan big and small life events. It continues to be a positive refuge for users to browse and shop in a safe space. It’s a place for your potential customers to explore and find trends they resonate with. Stay ahead of the curve and make sure your optical store and your eye care brand get noticed first.

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