Johnson & Johnson Vision Expands Access to Myopia Management

By Eric Wurtenberg October 03, 2022

Johnson & Johnson Vision recently announced FDA approval for an expanded range of ACUVUE Abiliti Overnight Therapeutic Lenses for Myopia Management, which now includes lenses with a maximum diopter value of 6.00. (previously 4.00 diopters). In addition, at Vision By Design 2022, an annual myopia control and management conference taking place from September 28 to October 2 in Bellevue, Washington, Johnson & Johnson Vision also announced a nationwide expansion of the lenses' availability.


According to the American Optometry Association, It is estimated that by 2050, nearly half the people in the world will have nearsightedness.


Myopia is growing more prevalent among children. Children who spend more time indoors engaging in near-focused activities (such as computer work, video games, and reading) are more likely to develop myopia than those who spend more time outside.

“By expanding the parameters for Abiliti Overnight lenses, it creates more opportunities for eye care professionals to reach even more patients,” stated Chandra Mickles, OD, MS, FAAO, FSLS, and North America professional education lead, myopia, at Johnson & Johnson Vision. “The expansion of treatment options comes at a critical time as myopia rates continue to rise among children….”

Abiliti Overnight lenses are orthokeratology (ortho-k) lenses and are worn overnight to temporarily lower refractive error. Depending on an eye care professional's myopia management strategy, removal of the lenses may eliminate the need for contact lenses or glasses during waking hours. The lenses are tailored to the specific corneal shape and prescription of each patient's eye. The FitAbiliti software guides the eye care professional through the fitting procedure scientifically and suggests a lens with an almost 90% first-fit success rate.

Nicholas Despotidis, OD, FAAO, FCOVD, FAAOMC, stated, “Myopia is on the rise, and it is critical to meet increasing patient needs with innovative solutions,” 

“With this new expansion of Abiliti Overnight lenses, optometrists are now able to provide additional treatment options to even more myopic patients. Getting the fitting right as efficiently as possible is important and I’ve found great success, and ease-of-use with the FitAbiliti software.” 

Nationwide distribution of Abiliti Overnight Therapeutic Lenses for Myopia Management has begun. ACUVUE® Abiliti Overnight Therapeutic Lenses for Myopia Management and ACUVUE Abiliti Overnight Therapeutic Lenses for Myopia Management with Astigmatism is the available lens designs.

These contacts might not work in all cases. But they are a step in the right direction. It’s good to see more R&D dollars flowing into myopia management as the prevalence statistics and projections are quite scary.  Myopia management is a great way to set your practice apart and create new streams of revenue for your practice. 

Eric Wurtenberg

Eric is a serial entrepreneur, writer, investor, and one of the co-founders of Practicegrowth.com. He currently resides in Essex Fells, NJ with his wife and two girls. His work focuses on the intersection of science, business, and technology. He 's passionate about accelerating the transition of healthcare to a more integrated, precision and personalized based model, utilizing growing exponential technologies.

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