Eleni Karayeva

Eleni Karayeva has been in the eye care business since 2013, having done everything from sales and marketing to provider relations and general management of multiple opticals across NYC. Eleni is also an expert in provider credentialing and medical optometry billing. She enjoys the challenge of helping eye care practices reach and exceed their full potential and is always looking to incorporate innovative strategies to optimize the patient experience and drive up revenue. Her success in the industry led Eleni to found LK Project Management & Consulting, a management consulting firm that works exclusively with optometry practices. Besides the regular billing and credentialing clients in her portfolio, Eleni's most recent projects include setting up a new optical store in Brooklyn, NY and launching several successful marketing campaigns. Eleni loves fashion, photography and traveling, often turning to her hobbies for more inspiration.

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ECP Marketing for the Holidays


The best marketing campaigns involve lots of planning, often months in advance. But 2020 has been nothing like the ordinary, so it would come as no su (...) more

Tags:   marketing practice management  

Time to Refresh Your Practice Logo? Here’s How...


Your practice logo is a crucial component of your brand identity. It is the "face" patients will come to associate with your practice. It's not uncomm (...) more

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Are Optometry Alliances and Optometry Buying Groups Right for Your Practice?


If you're in the optical industry, you've most likely heard of optometry alliances and optometry buying groups. Some practices have been members for y (...) more

Tags:   practice management financial business partners  

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