Austin Stone

As a practice manager in the ever-changing field of Ophthalmology, I am excited to be apart of a community of support. I have been in the industry since 2017 with a focus on Revenue Cycle and Practice improvement. I have managed multi-specialty clinics and surgery centers down to single-provider practices looking to grow. I look to bring my passion and knowledge to this community to help your practice grow into everything you want it to

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Understanding MIPS: How to Achieve a High Score in Your Ophthalmology Practice


When you hear MIPS, do you get a slight twinge in your stomach? I know I do; it can be a daunting task to monitor performance for an entire year that (...) more

Tags:   billing practice management vision care  

Data-Driven Improvements for Your Vision Care Practice

Practice Management

Do you know the beauty of being mostly digital in the healthcare field? It is access to unlimited data points created each day. Although this data can (...) more

Tags:   ehr practice management  

Conflict Management: How to Maintain the Peace and Profits

Practice Management

Is office conflict a major point of contention in your role? One of our key leadership roles is managing multiple personalities that come to work each (...) more

Tags:   practice management staff  

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